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Blended Learning Programmes by NSEIT.

Digital training programmes for your employees to stay relevant and excel at the workplace. 

Training Programs Offered

Sales Training & Onboarding Program

Equip new-age employees with confidence, adequate knowledge and relevant tricks and tips to achieve more sales. This course will help upskill the freshers and train them to become successful financial advisors.

Digital Sales Kickstarter Program

To provide insurance agents with relevant digital marketing and sales skills to stand out in this competitive market, build strong networks and generate leads online.

Effective Business Communication Series

Train your employees to successfully navigate workplace conversations and master the art of expressing their ideas with confidence to achieve their goals. 


DEX is a Strategic unit of NSEIT Limited and provides end-to-end Digital EdTech & Examination Services and Solutions to educational institutes, government organizations and various corporates. We leverage our expertise in digital transformation, software development, large infrastructure management, cyber security, and cloud services to deliver world-class Solutions & Services.

One of our key USPs is our ability to deliver and handle critical, large-volume, high-stakes projects with the structured delivery process, tools, systems and multi-level contingency measures in a flawless manner enabling NSEIT DEX to attain a leadership position in this Industry. We are also empaneled with various Government bodies and PSUs across India as a Partner of choice.

NSEIT DEX’s clients include Government Regulators, various Directorate General bodies, Ministries, Central/State Government Depts., PSUs, BFSI, IT & HR Companies, Universities, Professional Institutes, International clients etc.

About NSEIT Limited

Established in 1999, NSEIT Limited is India’s leading organization with 20+ years of experience in providing Digital Examination & EdTech Solutions, Software development, Cyber Security, RPA, Testing, Cloud Services, large Infrastructure Management Services etc. NSEIT is part of the National Stock Exchange of India (NSEIL) Group of companies with a turnover of Rs. 3000+Cr.


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