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Digital Sales Advisor Training Program.

Equip your insurance agents and advisors with digital skills that they need to perform better, increase sales and deliver more policy business than ever.

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About the Program

Transition from traditional sales
to new and advanced digital sales.

Digital approach is the ultimate need of the modern-day selling process. With our Digital Sales Advisors Training program, you will learn to build awareness, attract prospects and increase sales using social media and digital marketing tools.  

Digital Sales Professional - II

DSP- II aims to familiarize insurance agents with complex digital marketing features & tools and understand their integration with Sales CRMs.  

Digital Sales Expert

An advanced course designed to provide insurance agents with relevant insights on digital networking, sales strategy, and digital sales operations. 

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Don’t miss a chance to give your advisors a training program that will change the course of their professional life.

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Sainesh Dar

Sainesh Dhar

Exexutive Director
Zainab Fidai

Zainab Fidai

Program Director