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Effective Business Communication Series

Train your employees to successfully navigate workplace communication challenges with our blended learning series.


Online Learning

Ideal for 

All Employees






2.5 hours
Course Objective

Create a positive and productive workplace

Clear communication leads to improved project completion rates, increased productivity and the creation of a healthy work culture.

Our programme is designed to help professionals master the art of expressing their ideas and confidently achieve their business goals.  

Improves Workflow

Allows learners to discuss challenges, provide clear instructions, and interact with colleagues and clients comfortably, which leads to improved workflow.

Better Communication Skills

Better communication skills to minimize workplace conflicts, project delays, and internal or external misunderstandings.


Equipping learner to be able to exhibit confidence at every situation.

Improves Workplace Relationship

Improve communication when dealing with coworkers, subordinates, management, vendors, and clients.

Course Overview

Overcome workplace communication hurdles

With India stepping into a global arena, our dependence on English has become integral. Our blended learning series is designed to help the learners overcome hurdles such as under-confidence, lack of English fluency, lack of knowledge of how to present one’s self expertly in offices in and outside India.

We have divided the series into 3 parts to ease the learning process and divide the audience according to their specific needs.


  • Greetings 
  • Appropriate responses
  • Functional vocabulary and its usage
  • Brush-up on language-grammar, sentence structure 
  • Introduction to written communication- etiquettes, tone and delivery
  • Soft skills: conduct, emotional balance and attitude
  • Presenting oneself

Business Communication

  • Focus on comprehension and understanding 
  • Active listening
  • Doing a presentation
  • How to exude confidence
  • Building a positive Image
  • Effective techniques to connect over the phone
  • Framing and making an impression over emails
  • Conducting and attending meeting in-person
  • Preparation for International meetings 
  • Conducting oneself in-person
  • Follow ups


  • Building a resume
  • Prep for an interview
  • Conversational tips
  • Flow of an interview
  • Appropriate greetings and responses
  • Soft skills : conduct, attitude and delivery
  • Introducing oneself: Pertinent information
  • Comprehending questions and effective answers
  • Putting across your queries 
  • Discussing expectations
  • Ending the interview
  • Tips and tricks to make an impression

Effective Business Communication Pathway

Whom is this course designed for?

  • Anyone who feels hesitation while speaking in English 

  • Anyone who wants to speak English fluently and proficiently.

  • Anyone seeking to go overseas.

  • Anyone who needs to secure a job and needs to attend interviews.

Learning Formats

Learnsure LXP

A better learning experience for your advisors.

The course is hosted on a world-class digital learning platform that makes learning easier and helps you monitor the progress of your employees.

  • User can take the course by logging in on the portal with their unique ids and passwords, provided by Learnsure after enrolling. 
  • The LXP portal can be accessed on both our website and mobile apps. 
  • Learnsure LXP comes with native Android and iOS apps that offer a quick, easy and memorable learning experience for any time, anywhere engagement.
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Improve communicaion skills at workplace today!