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Going Digital Basics

Start your digital journey by understanding the basics of digital marketing and its importance in generating leads and selling insurance.

About the Program

An introductory digital marketing course
for insurance advisors

Build a firm foundation for successfully adapting to modern and advanced digital processes with our free Going Digital Basic Course. 

Course Curriculum

  • Why is going digital necessary?
  • Create your professional personality online
  • Isolate your personal and professional social media profiles
  • Cleanup your profile
  • Know your Channels 
  • Choose the best fit
  • Import all your contacts 
  • Importance of joining Facebook and LinkedIn groups
  • Following and Networking with Influencers
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Ideal content formats
  • Posting Etiquette
  • Posting Schedule
  • Conclusion

Development Partners

Going Digital is the flagship program in the digital advisor series, a global collaborative effort developed between Learnsure AI and iPi Global Solutions (UK). The learning series is available on the Learnsure LXP and Mobile Apps. 

Learnsure AI
About iPi Global Solutions

iPi Global Solutions, UK is a global team of insurance management consultants, professional coaches, and expert practitioners. iPi’s consultants have previously held leadership positions with industry leaders such as the Chartered Insurance Institute, LIMRA LOMA and with leading insurers such as AIA, Axa, Allianz and Swiss Re.