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POSH Training For Employees

Educate and empower your employees with POSH training to prevent sexual harassment at workplace. 


Online Learning

Ideal for 

All Employees






1 hour
Course Objective

Creating a safe and secure workplace

Deliver POSH Training to organizations to educate employees about their right about their rights under Prevention of Sexual Harassment act (PoSH) Law, teach them proper workplace conduct and helping them under recognize appropriate and inappropriated behavior. 


Thoroughly explaining the POSH Law to inform employee about their rights and duties, and eliminate any confusion.

Complaint Filing

Teaching the complaint filing mechanism of your organization to your employees.


Eliminating the root cause of the issue by training employees about the accepted workplace behavior and going over the Dos and Don'ts.


Empowering employees by training them in handling instances of harassment such as stalking, voyeurism, and the invasion of online privacy.

Course Overview

POSH training that's engaging and interactive.

The Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act (POSH) was enacted to promote the safety of women in the workplace by preventing sexual harassment in all its forms, which has been a prevalent issue in organisations.

The act mandates organisations to spread awareness about the policy and train their employee to identify and stand up against unlawful and inappropriate wrokplace as well as teach them the right workplace conduct.

But simply reading out the law is not enough – POSH training must be delivered effectively in order to be effective.


Learning through puzzles, quizzes, case studies, etc.


Test, quizzes and in-lesson assessments.

100% Digital

Allows employees to take it at their own pace.

Localised Training

Available in multiple languages.

Scenario-based Learning

Capturing attention with real-life examples and roleplays.


Get certified after completing the training and assessment.

Learning Format

Learnsure LXP

A better learning experience for your advisors.

The course is hosted on a world-class digital learning platform that makes learning easier and helps you monitor the progress of your employees.

  • User can take the course by logging in on the portal with their unique ids and passwords, provided by Learnsure after enrolling. 
  • The LXP portal can be accessed on both our website and mobile apps. 
  • Learnsure LXP comes with native Android and iOS apps that offer a quick, easy and memorable learning experience for any time, anywhere engagement.
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Train your employee to create a safer workplace!