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Business acumen, strategic thinking, and leadership abilities.

Learnsure’s Premium LXP Subscription allows you sales force to acquire new skills, become more productive and succeed professionally. 

Premium Subscription

One year access to high quality
digital training courses and curriculum.

Our Standard Subscription allows your workforce with an access to Learnsure’s LXP learning platform for one full year at an incredibly low price. With hundreds of courses designed to improve sales and performance, you workforce will always be in control of their careers. 

Subscription Benefits
Premium Library

Exclusive courses designed for management and leadership development.

Learnsure LXP comes with extensive course curriculum so that insurance workforce can continue learning and acquiring new skills to prepare for the future challenges in the industry.

Days Risk-free Trial

Start a free trial.

Start standard LXP subscription with a 30-day free trial. It’s a risk-free way to take some full-length courses and see how a Learnsure’s innovating learning solutions help your workforce succeed.