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Transform the competencies of your workforce.​

We’ve designed our programs to help employees perform better and achieve excellence. With DEB at its core, our programs are built to address the learning needs of your employees. And motive them to acquire the knowledge and professional skills required to succeed and grow.

Learning Solutions

No matter what your learning goals are, we have the solution to achieve them.

Whether it is sales exercise or regulatory compliance training, innovation is the key to improve performance. By incorporating design thinking in our learning and training suites, we have taken corporate learning to the next level.

Resurgent™ Performance Suite

Learnsure Performance Solutions

Banking and insurance companies have a large workforce of advisors; hence, productivity and performance management becomes crucial for achieving organisational excellence. Learnsure’s  performance solutions, revitalise learning and deliver learning programs to increase performance across sales, technology, customer relations and operations.

Learnsure Recruitment Solutions

Due to deficient selection methods and training processes, insurance managers face the problem of hiring and retaining advisors. Learnsure’s Recruitment Solutions helps managers to hire better advisors, motivate them and improve retention.

Invigor™ Recruitment Suite
Learnsure Compliance Solutions

Learnsure Compliance Solutions

Increasing regulatory pressure, emerging risks and regulations, and rapid adoption of newer technologies are creating a nightmare for financial services companies. Learnsure’s Compliance Solutions educates leaders to handle compliance issues head-on and create value for all stakeholders.

Learnsure Product Solutions

Increasing regulatory pressure, emerging risks and regulations, and rapid adoption of newer technologies are creating a nightmare for insurance companies. Learnsure’s Compliance Suite educates leaders in the insurance companies to take compliance issues head-on and create value for all stakeholders.  

Learnsure Product Solutions
Bespoke Learning

Customised learning programs and pathways.

There are occasions where off-the-shelf learning solutions are not enough to solve problems. Hence, we work with our clients to design bespoke learning solutions to address specific areas and deliver impactful and result-oriented solutions.

Bespoke Learning
Learning Platform

Learnsure hosts its own programs while being platform agnostic.

Our programs are SCORM and xAPI compliant and work well with existing e-learning systems. However, our LXP and microlearning app take advantage of the latest technology and deliver a fast, secure and advanced learning experience. You can authorise multilingual content, collect learning insights and measure performance on a single dashboard. 

Learnsure LXP

Learnsure LXP

An enterprise-grade digital learning experience platform designed to help companies modernize digital infrastructure and accelerate their corporate learning and development. 

Learnsure Microlearning App

Learnsure ML Apps

The world-class microlearning apps for just enough and just-in-time learning with proprietary learning formats the world has never seen before. 

Learnsure LXP Demo

Book a demo with our tech expert to explore our LXP.

Learnsure LXP Pricing

A pricing strategy that works all sizes of organisations.