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Learn fast, grow faster.

Embedded in Learnsure Ai’s genesis is the promise to bring the focus back onto the learners and help them learn and grow faster so that they reach their full potential and achieve excellence.

About Learnsure
Our Vision

A learner-centered
culture of learning.

Our vision offers a new set of lenses to understand the limits of the current system and the new possibilities offered by the unique learner-center approach towards corporate learning and development. We are committed to transforming learning and training so that all employees deeply engage with the learning process and thrive personally and professionally in all walks of life.

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Learner-first mindset

Learnsure Ai is designed with learner satisfaction in mind. We deliver outstanding learner experiences to help learners grow personally and professionally. 

High-performance culture

We believe in a high-performance culture that fosters growth and innovation. We reward creativity, initiative, and hard work and ensure that nobody is left behind. 

Customer-first business

At Learnsure, we go beyond meeting customer needs. We focus on understanding the unmet and unarticulated needs of the customers and strive to fulfil them. 

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Team Members

Highly qualified, experienced
and knowledgeable learning professionals

When your vision is to change the way the world learns, you need the best people to drive your vision forward. The Learnsure Ai team consists of highly qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable learning professionals who share our vision and work passionately to create cutting-edge corporate learning solutions.


Avinash Deshmukh

Co-founder & Product Head
Sainesh Dar

Sainesh Dar

Executive Director
Zainab Fidai

Zainab Fidai

Director - Strategic Alliances & Projects
Pallav Gawas

Pallav Gawas

Director, Learnsure Content Studio
Joaquim Mendes

Joaquim Mendes

Creative Producer
Judith Gomes

Judith Gomes

Senior Graphic Designer
Dhvani Jain

Dhvani Jain

Marketing Analyst
Mayank Mishra

Mayank Mishra

Social Media Executive
Aamir Varcie New

Aamir S Varcie

Founding Partner
Nagarjun Kinare

Nagarjan Kinare

Technology & Solutions Architect

Nitesh Tari

Video Animator

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

John F. Kennedy