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Corporate learning and development will never be the same.

We bring together the most innovative learning and training strategies on an enterprise-grade platform to offer financial services companies a revolutionary digital learning experience.

Learning Innovation

Transforming learning with design thinking and behaviourism.

By applying design thinking, we understand and pursue creative ways to reinvent the entire learning experience. We engage learners at a deeper level, identify what, when and how they want to learn. Then collaborate with them to create an engaging, empowering and rewarding learning experience.

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Immersive digital and blended learning experience to engage learners.


Innovative programs to empower learners with skills and knowledge to succeed.


Certification and awards for the top performers on our learning platform.

Global Team

The world's leading L&D experts at your service.

We have brought together global leaders in insurance learning and development on our panel to support learning and knowledge management. Our programs and courses reflect our quest to deliver innovative and globally-recognised learning solutions.

Learning Environments

Learnsure is designed to change the way the corporate world learns.

We employ the latest learning methodologies to create innovative learning pathways that will breathe new life into corporate learning and change the way companies learn.

Personalised Learning

We equip learners with techniques to spur engagement by giving them greater control over what they consume. Our personalised learning pathways led to more engaging online sessions, longer time spent on learning new skills, and increased learning and retention.

Personalised Learning Profile
Personalised Learning Courses
Personalised Learning Goals
New Course Recommendation
Learnsure Microlearning


Optimised for the microlearning experience with bite-sized modules focused on distinct learning outcomes, Learnsure delivers specific results. With our smart mobile app, you can quickly deploy microlearning in minutes and empower your workforce with self-paced, any time, anywhere learning.

Interactive Learning

Interactive learning is a crucial step in a learning pathway. Our Learnsure experts conduct live interactive sessions to engage with learners. From Q&A sessions to an online expedition, we intersperse interactive modules to make learning memorable and effective.

Interactive Learning


Learnsure brings learning to life with gamification modules like reward points, badges and leaderboards to make learning fun. It encourages learners to engage deeply with the learning content. In-game customisation allows companies to leverage gamification and influence learning outcomes successfully.


We have designed simulation learning experiences to develop competence and conviction in learners. Learnsure simulates a real-world example to helps learners perform a mock sale, conduct a leadership test or solve a workplace problem in a safe digital environment.

Workplace training

Learning as a part of the working experience.

One of the integral parts of our learning programs is on-the-job training. Our subject matter experts perform one-on-one or team sessions to help learners gain practical experience in the flow-of-the-work. With immediate expert feedback, learners can apply their newly acquired skills right away.

Why Learnsure?

A learner-centric approach to learning and development.

The traditional L&D experience has always been in favour of corporates. We are shifting the focus back to learners. By designing learning solutions based on learners’ requirements, we are creating a learning experience that increases engagement, encourages participation, and equip learners with ideas and skills needed to succeed professionally.

Human centric
1. Financial Services

Learning solutions designed for financial services professionals by financial services professionals.

2. Design Thinking

Transforming corporate learning through innovative design thinking, experiential learning and behaviourism.

3. Personalised mentoring

Our experts share their secrets to success and also help you out with real-time feedback.

4. International Trainers

Our programs are designed by experienced instructional designers and trainers from around the world.

5. Ai Engine

Learnsure LXP is powered by Ai recommendation engine to truly personalise learning pathways.

6. Microlearning

Our programs are made available in a bite-sized format for easy, any time, anywhere learning.

Ready to Get Started?

Explore Learnsure by taking a guided tour of our learning experience platform and discover a new paradigm in innovative corporate learning and development.