Sales training & onboarding program for insurance advisors.

Understand the basics of Digital Sales and its importance in generating leads and selling insurance online with our complementary course.


Online Learning

Ideal for 

Insurance Advisors


4 Hours





Course Objectives

Turn your team of insurance
advisors into a sales powerhouse.

Equip new age employees with confidence, adequate knowledge and relevant tricks and tips to achieve more sales. This course will help upskill the freshers and train them to become a successful financial advisor. 

Builds Self

Increase your self-assurance and sell more effectively to get more profits. Learn what selling is and isn’t as well as the abilities.

Improves Communication Skills

Successful salespeople have strong communication skills and understand how to communicate effectively to generate a sale.

Better Sales performance

Showcase the tools and techniques used by truly effective salespeople to provide their clients with high-quality service.

Relationship Management

Understand the importance of keeping in touch with their current clients to ensure a positive working relationship.

Digital Learning

New-age insurance advisors prefer self-paced learning.

Digital learning (e-learning) and online training has become the preferred way of learning in the modern era where employees need to learn on-the-go. They prefer flexibility and ease of learning over physical training. 

With this, your advisor will learn more when they have better control over their learning material and time. With 10 short modules, which are further broken down into bite-sized content, our course is designed to provide just that. 

Start selling with confidence today!.

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Learnsure LXP

A better learning experience for your advisors.

The course is hosted on a world-class digital learning platform that makes learning easier and helps you monitor the progress of your employees.

  • User can take the course by logging in on the portal with their unique ids and passwords, provided by Learnsure after enrolling. 
  • The LXP portal can be accessed on both our website and mobile apps. 
  • Learnsure LXP comes with native Android and iOS apps that offer a quick, easy and memorable learning experience for any time, anywhere engagement.
LXP For Insurance Advisors