Microlearning Works

Microlearning: a new way of learning!

Learning is earning knowledge and skills, and in today’s world, everyone is running their separate race. To not lag, every person needs a source of constant learning which can be done by investing little time every day. Microlearning is a kind of e-learning which enables one to learn various skills and technicalities in small snippets of time, in a nutshell.

This can be a very beneficial asset for companies hiring temporary people regularly, individuals running behind on time, or even for those who just have an appetite for learning. Micro-learning is much more than just e-learning. In other words, it is the guide to go-through a night before exams.

The objectives of pieces of training of a single session are to the point. Micro-learning sessions are focused to teach a single skill, which is very unlikely of other e-learning platforms. The aim of micro-learning platforms is to provide knowledge in the least time investment, highly contrary to the traditional means of learning. Hence, it ensures that the content is crisp.

The content and sessions are not restricted to specific formats; hence this is entirely different from the conventional learning techniques. Micro-learning get’s quite interesting as it comes in varied structures, for instance, podcasts, infographics, animations, etc.

Micro-learning is a good tool to use when easy, and time-saving learning is required. Nonetheless, it is an effective program it does lose its effectiveness sometimes when it comes to lengthy and critical concepts. It is better to skip on in-depth training, as it is not feasible to teach hard-core concepts in an outline. Also, it is a task for a creator to make short descriptions easily understandable and interpretable for the learner.

This technique of easy and pocket-friendly learning is utilized worldwide, especially by corporations and establishments to train the staff skills without having to invest in expensive trainee workshops.

  • New staff can be provided workplace orientations through videos.
  • The company can update employees on amended compliance policies easily through animated videos, graphic texts, small videos.
  • Both soft-skill and hard-ware training can be provided through infographics and animated snippets.
  • Employee motivation through personal audio podcasts to keep staff engaged and productive.

From DuoLingo to TED-ED all of the big fishes are trying their hands at this indispensable way of learning. Moreover, it has been proved that visual learning experiences are more retainable than the ‘go-to’ methods of training. Micro-learning methods also are a proven means of rational and efficient skill development.

Micro-learning is significantly distinct from e-learning. While e-learning focuses on both knowledge and skills, micro-learning usually focuses on skill development alone.

Micro-learning seems to be an effective and engaging approach for learning and improving skills. Although it is subjective and it cannot be utilized as a ‘benchmark strategy’ for training and development by all institutions. Hence, it is something not for all.

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