Talent Acquisition

The essentials of the best talent acquisition program

Whether you’re running a banking, finance, or insurance institution, finding and hiring competent people is extremely challenging. Companies rank talent acquisition as their top priority and strive to outperform the competition to land qualified staff. As a direct result, businesses tend to miss out on numerous prospects due to faulty employment strategies.

If that’s the case in your organization, it’s time to step up your game since attracting and retaining capable personal is critical to long-term success. To help you boost your hiring efforts, we’ll show you what the best talent acquisition programs consist of.

Talent Acquisition essentials

How to make sure you get qualified talent for your company?

Talent acquisition is a multifaceted process. You need to manage several key areas to increase the chances of getting top-class employees:

1. Defining your brand

Your employer brand communicates the organization’s identity to current and potential employees. Having a well-thought-out and easily definable brand is crucial. If they have a clear idea of what your company stands for, they will share the values with colleagues, clients, community members, and business partners. This way, more prospects will be familiar with your organization and may be interested in working for you.

To make sure your brand is clearly defined, see if you can answer the three basic questions:

  • What words describe your brand best?
  • Why is your brand unique in your industry?
  • How do your employees define your employer brand?

Aside from your team members, don’t forget to convey your employer brand through the “About Us” section on your website. Take the same approach on various review pages, such as Glassdoor. When qualified people decide whether to join your company or a competitor, the reviews may get them on board.

2. Fostering a favorable culture

The corporate culture in your business comprises values, benefits, beliefs, and symbols your company develops over time. A favorable culture lets you easily hire people who complement it.

To clarify your culture, start by identifying your company’s core values. Have your employees participate in a brainstorming session (be it a meeting, survey, or focus group) to uncover the ethos of your organization.

3. Alignment with business goals

Figure out your company’s goals for the upcoming period and use them to customize your acquisition efforts to fulfill those needs. While recruitment generally addresses filling vacancies, talent acquisition considers long-term expansion and landing employees to help you accomplish your objectives.

For example, suppose you want to expand into Europe. If so, your HR department needs to attract candidates with adequate international experience.

Or, you might be planning on launching a new app. In this case, your goal should be to land talented coders and software developers.

You may not even have these roles yet, but you need to consider the talent you’ll require to achieve long-term goals. Investing in a capable workforce will pay off in the long run.

4. Using marketing and analytics to develop polished acquisition material

Your marketing campaigns can’t do without data, and the same goes for talent acquisition. Enlisting people is just as important as convincing potential customers to check out and purchase your products.

There are many methods of using data to bolster talent acquisition strategies. For instance, it can help you determine where your highest-qualified employees come from. With this information, you can focus your efforts on specific academic programs and networking sites.

In addition, your marketing sector and HR team should team up to refine various types of online content:

  • Career pages
  • Emails
  • Advertisements

With the help of data and analytics, you can ensure your online materials aren’t discouraging potential candidates from applying.

5. Optimizing your job descriptions

Competent people want challenging projects they feel comfortable with, and the easiest way to land talent is to market your business goals. However, many companies take the wrong approach to writing job ads. They start the offer by including job-specific skills instead of describing how the ideal candidate can impact the organization.

Therefore, start your ads with your business purposes in the title. Use the job description to explain how the position helps the company fulfill its missions. This way, people will feel that they will be making a genuine contribution by joining your organization.

6. Taking advantage of social media

Like corporate training and many other business areas, talent acquisition has undergone a digital transformation. The most efficient headhunters turn to social media in their quest for suitable candidates. If you adopt the same method, you’ll get terrific results.

Make sure to target several channels to find your prospects, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can also turn to job boards, job portals, and forums to find the ideal candidates and reach out to them. Following this approach provides tremendous benefits:

  • Social recruitment secures you tons of referrals
  • Targeting only the candidates who fit the job best
  • Saving a lot of money
  • Showcasing your company’s culture on various platforms
7. Starting a robust employee referral strategy

Employee referrals go a long way towards acquiring top-notch candidates. Since they’re based on your current employees’ recommendations, you’re more likely to land high-quality staff. Consequently, there’s a better ROI, and referred employees are more likely to stay in your organization for a longer period.

8. Including your best team members

A large part of finding top prospects comes down to listening. You need to interview your best workers and figure out what they enjoy the most about their job.

Afterward, use their experience to customize your acquisition efforts. For example, you can tell fascinating stories about your employees since they would be appealing to people with similar interests. In turn, you can expect greater interest in your company.

9. Keeping track of online reviews and analyze the data

Keeping up with employee and candidate comments on forums and other websites is another indispensable part of talent acquisition. It provides you with a huge number of details about the efficacy of your recruitment strategies. Using this information, pinpoint the strongest suits of your current initiatives and address any weaknesses.

Don’t settle for an average workforce

All these strategies will help you hire highly qualified people. However, the story doesn’t end there – you need to provide your new employees with proper training and development to help them learn the ropes.

To that end, contact Learnsure to get streamlined training solutions. Our app features many modern techniques, including microlearning, gamification, and responsive content. So, book your demo, and check out how our LMS (Learning Management System)

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