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Is your LMS mobile-friendly?

One of the most significant technological breakthroughs in the L&D department is the development of LMSes (learning experience platforms). They offer a personalized learning experience and allow the participants to access training content on the fly. Nowadays, there’s a huge number of LMSes available, but you can’t go for just any platform. To meet your employees’ needs adequately, you need an app that supports mobile learning. Having this feature in your workplace is indispensable since mobile devices have taken over desktop computers as the primary traffic source. LMSes offer a bunch of fantastic benefits to your skill development activities that can be made available on mobile-friendly LMS, so let’s check them out.

Why is a mobile-friendly LMS important?

You can’t expect your team to be productive if your employee training initiatives aren’t yielding great results. To boost your L&D activities, make sure to capitalize on the benefits of mobile-friendly LMSes. Here’s how they can help your company:

Freedom to learn from anywhere

The main reason why an LMS should support mobile learning is to eliminate location restrictions. It unshackles the participants from their desks and allows them to train at their own convenience. Whether having lunch or taking a bus to work, they can allocate some time to training with just a couple of taps on their smartphones.

Mobile learning is also a great option for people working from home. They don’t have to visit the office to perform their training. Instead, they can learn at their own pace on their phone without attending time-consuming presentations.

Maximizing retention and minimizing the forgetting curve

Training can only be valuable if the participants memorize their content and implement it in their real-life jobs. If all they do is click through the modules without any engagement, the chances are they’re not retaining all that much.

Learning gaps happen, especially when people don’t review their courses regularly. In some cases, this can result in pretty harmless mistakes, such as misfiling a document. But it can also lead to more severe problems, such as compliance issues and legal trouble.

An easy way to reduce the risk of such unpleasant scenarios is to integrate with a mobile-ready LMS. When training is available to your employees 24/7, they develop a habit of learning instead of doing it only once or twice a week. Smartphone and tablet apps also let you send push notifications, reminding workers to run through their sessions once again.

As a result, you’ll help your employees keep essential information fresh, increasing the chances of retention. With better memorization and fewer things forgotten, your team is less likely to make critical mistakes.

Boring training is out of the equation

Nothing curbs retention and completion rates more than boring training. Traditional learning methods were notoriously tedious, relying on lectures that elicit minimal engagement from users. Modern techniques are much more suitable for today’s workers, and mobile-ready LMSes are the ideal systems for enabling them.

Using smartphones and tablets for corporate training paves the way for gamification sessions. They help engage the participants through gameplay, providing ample opportunities for personalization and social learning. You can reinvigorate your sessions by having your employees compete against each other, making them more eager to learn crucial skills.

Another great thing about mobile platforms is their support for microlearning activities. They are perfect for delivering bite-sized modules that can further facilitate retention. Smaller chunks of knowledge are easily digestible, and accessing them on a convenient device makes the whole experience more enjoyable.

Just-in-Time (JIT) Learning

mobile-ready LMSes are an excellent choice because they facilitate JIT learning. This method lets your workforce quickly pinpoint job-related problems and solve them within seconds. The approach is similar to using your browser whenever you need an answer to a puzzling question. Encouraging smartphone and tablet use in your business environment allows your employees to overcome various challenges and make rapid headway in their assignments.

Mobile learning improves resource use

One of the main advantages of mobile-ready LMSes is their efficient use of time and money. Whether you need to share new training with your staff or complete annual courses, you don’t need to interrupt your team’s workflow.

By setting up and distributing courses people can reach on their mobile devices, you’re encouraging them to complete the session at their own pace. In turn, there are no additional costs associated with convening everyone in a single room and interrupting your employee’s productive work.

It increases employee satisfaction

When your workers are well-trained and understand what you expect of them, they’re more satisfied with their jobs. They’re better prepared for the everyday challenges, leading to better engagement during real-life tasks and lower chances of employee turnover. Thus, your staff is eager to extend terrific customer service and continue to improve.

Collecting feedback without a hitch

With support for mobile learning, your LMS can quickly organize feedback loops. Many systems can integrate with data trackers to gather and analyze learning data. As the participants progress through the modules, you’ll see their strongest and weakest points. People can also leave comments using these platforms and recommend what needs improving.

Equipped with these robust methods, your training staff can provide quick replies to trainees. In addition, you’ll determine how you should modify your learning courses to make them better suited for your workers.

Mobile Learning pros and cons

Help your workforce flourish

Gone are the days when you had to depend on PCs and long presentations to deliver insurance training or the best practices in sales development. With a mobile-friendly LMS, you can teach your employees all the skills necessary for their daily jobs. They can access content anytime and anywhere without disturbing their regular workflow. Best of all, this method helps you reduce costs, allowing your organization to keep growing.

To integrate with a highly polished mobile-friendly LMS, look no further than Learnsure Ai. Using our intuitive interface, implementing your staff training strategies will be a breeze. With powerful features, such as simulation learning, self-assessment, and tailored modules, our app offers much-needed engagement and personalization. Contact us for a demo and enjoy a fully optimized platform.

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