10 key LXP features

Top 10 features every LXP must have

Staying on top of your managerial and executive duties is incredibly challenging. You have to control numerous aspects, such as planning and evaluating activities, maintaining your work environment, and developing personal growth opportunities. However, there’s another area crucial to the success of your business – learning and development. That’s where we explore the top 10 LXP features to help transform your employee training and development.

Back in the day, people used to hold tedious two-hour-long lectures to cue their staff in on recent developments from the industry. Nowadays, the workplace is going through a digital transformation, and you can provide engaging staff training with a polished LXP (Learning Experience Platform).

But you can’t select just any platform for your environment. Without all the necessary functions, you’ll receive subpar services. To help you choose the proper content studio, we’ll cover the ten most essential features each LXP must-have.

1. Modern User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)

Your LXP should capture, share, and support a wide range of materials. All of them need to look great and feature a user-friendly design. Plus, the content needs to be easily accessible and easy to navigate. Additionally, the interface should be supported by a large number of devices to ensure on-the-go learning.

2 User-Generated Content (UGC)

The best way for your employees to learn is from their colleagues. For this reason, many learning and development features rely on UGC to provide more expertise from their coworkers.

In general, an LXP must allow your team members to share their content in various forms: recordings, screen captures, images, videos, and documents. This way, it caters to an array of learning styles, facilitating skill acquisition.

3. Straightforward Content Creation

Your LXP should run on a system that lets you easily create content. The platform should also remain fresh throughout the training process to keep your learners connected.

To that end, users should be able to develop and share content using any device. Another must-have is the ability to find learning materials easily and save them for later. Lastly, third-party integrations further help create and curate the information within the system.

4. Powerful Feedback Capabilities

Robust reporting functionality helps you obtain much broader insights into employee behaviour, content performance, and learner engagement. Based on this feedback, you can make any necessary adjustments to improve results.

Be sure to get a platform with clear dashboards, auto-generated reports, learning history, KPI panels, and individual content performance.

5. Personalization Features

Regardless of the system you use, a large part of it should be equipped with personalization features. They enable you to serve up content relevant to your employees’ needs. In particular, the platform should continually learn about users and come up with ideal sessions according to the following data:

  • The content they previously enjoyed
  • The coworkers they have interacted with
  • Preferred tags and group
6. Connectivity

The main purpose of LXPs is to connect your team members using technology. These platforms should ensure easy interaction and collaboration through shares, comments, and likes. Furthermore, the participants should be able to follow their mentors and connect with newcomers. Also, each user needs to have a profile that shares their interest, preferred content, and expertise in a clear view.

7. Automation

Today’s dynamic work environment requires your employees to work at a fast pace. They often have to meet strict deadlines, bolstering the need for a time-saving learning platform. This is where an automated LXP comes into play. It must have several automation features to expedite your training initiatives:

  • Automatic onboarding – An effective LXP should let you easily come up with onboarding experiences. For example, it can include pre-made frameworks to save you from having to begin from scratch.
  • Automatic curation – Relying solely on your employees and L&D to populate the platform with new materials is ill-advised. Instead, find an LXP that provides automatic web curation to reduce the pressure on your team.
  • Automatic reporting – LXPs generally collect much more information than regular learning systems. Consequently, you need a platform that can manage heavy-duty processing. For instance, find an app with pre-set behavioural reports, completion, and attendance.
8. Mobile App

Your LXP needs to be optimized for mobile learning since it’s one of the best ways you can increase engagement. Moreover, this feature is invaluable for employees who travel a lot. If they can access training content on their cell phone, they can become aware of crucial developments when travelling by air or rail. As a result, they’ll arrive at their meetings fully prepared to discuss critical points.

9. Social Learning

Well-thought-out LXPs intensively use tools present in social media to spark and reinforce enthusiasm in employees. Having access to bespoke content plays a crucial role in social learning and makes the whole experience a lot more engaging. Once the training is over, your learners adopt good outcomes and discard the bad ones, leaving you with a highly skilled workforce.

10. Rewards

One of your main priorities should be to make your employees feel motivated to use your LXP. Integrating with a system that features rewards and recognition is the easiest way to achieve this. The platform should spark interaction, reward desired behaviours, and encourage participants to keep using the app. There are several methods to reach this goal: points, accomplishments, and ranking.

First, your workers should collect points for performing positive actions. Even better, the platform should permit the admin to make internal customizations and allow the participants to shop with their points earned while training.

Second, your team members should check out their accomplishments so that they can gauge their progress. These often work in unison with points.

Finally, the platform should promote healthy competition by including a ranking system. Your learners should be able to compare their position to their colleagues, other groups, or the entire organization.

The Perfect Corporate Training Platform Is Waiting for You

When looking for an ideal LXP, don’t settle for an average solution. Make sure that your app has all the features we’ve covered, and your staff will highly appreciate it.

Luckily, your search can end right now. With Learnsure, you get all the aforementioned functionality, as well as a bunch of other handy features. Book your demo and find out why we’re the perfect match for your company.

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